Rockets have last, best chance to put stop to Warriors dynasty

Rockets have last, best chance to put stop to Warriors dynasty

Kevin Durant would have the answer all night long as the Warriors stole Game One on the road 119-106. They're an uninspiring fact of the league, the yardstick by which every other team is judged. Home court, all the fans loud and pumped up for the game, and the opportunity to make a statement to the Warriors that this series is going to be a pain in the ass.

The scouting report on the Warriors is in some ways pretty simple. This team lost their two best players (Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving) before the playoffs began and somehow knocked off both Giannis Antetokounmpo's Bucks and the up-and-coming 76ers. "I know we've played some great teams so they are right there at the top". They have a bench filled with defensive stalwarts who can cover multiple positions.

The Rockets did take two of three games from the Warriors in the regular season, but as Green and Durant touched on, the playoffs are an entirely different animal. Simply put, the Warriors are a juggernaut. They live and die by their destructive, all-consuming runs, usually in the third quarter, that break a game wide open and leave opponents utterly wrecked and wondering what hit them.

The highest average asking price for a game in Oakland this year is $1,291 for Game 3.

Clint Capela, a restricted free agent this summer, was a borderline All-Star during the regular season and has shined thus far in the postseason. Last but certainly not least is the trade that acquired a superb point guard in Chris Paul. "We've experienced it throughout the season the three games we played them and we've got to be ready". But unlike Harden, he had more than just a little help from his friends. "Its two stars, Paul and James Harden, are hitting their stride at a flawless time". The natural point guard is a nine-time All-Star bound for the Hall of Fame, and he made a surprisingly smooth transition in playing alongside another ball-dominant guard. Sometimes that gets the best of us. No one in the Eastern Conference has the offensive firepower to beat the Cavs four times. Paul's historically excellent individual playoff stats have been undermined by his lack of team success in the postseason.

"You look at the shots that the Houston Rockets take and I would say probably about three-fourths of those are in one of those two zones", Greenberg says.

If Curry is truly healthy, this is the worst possible matchup for the Rockets.

We've had a feeling that these two teams would fight for a trip to the Finals when Houston signed Chris Paul this offseason.

Golden State Warriors vs.

"We know James is an all-world scorer, he's gonna make shots over us, we just try to stay solid", Kevin Durant said after the game (NBC Sports). They are 24-3 overall in six series and have yet to even be pushed to a Game 6.

However, don't forget, the Houston Rockets do have home court advantage in this series, which could be a decisive factor if it should go seven games. The Houston Rockets continued to fire away while the Warriors were like sitting ducks camouflaged in a ton of tall grass, waiting to escape from being completely poached.

However, Las Vegas still has them as major underdogs against a Warriors team that cruised through perhaps the most underwhelming 58-win season in National Basketball Association history before needing only 10 total games to get by San Antonio and New Orleans in the first two rounds.

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